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Friday, June 03, 2005
Vending Machines
Vending Machines

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes

Monday, May 30, 2005
Writers Digest 101 Spot Nailed - Freelance Writing Organization
Writers Digest 101 Spot Nailed

The Freelance Writing Organization International (FWO-Int’l) of Toronto, Canada, has the honourable distinction of being named on Writer’s Digest’s Best Sites of the Year List.

As of this month the FWO-Int’l has been recognized as an enormous and successful amassing of writing resource links and accumulated information vital to today’s writers, authors, editors and publishers.

The announcement of the Best Site of the Year coincides with the 5th year anniversary of the FWO-Int’l and reaffirms the belief that the writing industry needs a centralized, easy-to-use, constantly updated system of resources to support the creative process. Something that only The Freelance Writing Organization International successfully provides without charge.

The FWO-Int’l hosts thousands of writing resources and writing links in a massive online database sectioned into 40+ genres. They are the publishers of the latest writers’ "how-to" monthly ezine, Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Writing and Literary Ezine for Writers. Plus, the FWO-Int’l offers information on: funds for writers, job listings and employment opportunities, education, news, submission calls, agents, publishers, a research library and much more.

The Best Site of the Year Recognition joins an ever growing list of other awards that this exemplary web site has achieved over the years, including;

 Multiple Golden Web Awards
 a Diamond Web Award,
 Inscriptions Writer’s Magazine Link Award,
 TuDogs Top Library Resource Rating,
 IAWMD Web Masters and Designers Award,

and a host of other honourable and nominated mentions.

The mission statement of this web site appears to be an enormous undertaking however, with Site Manager Rowdy Rhodes’ direction and skilled hands-on management abilities, the FWO-Int’l is living up to its self-imposed obligation:

"To build the world’s largest, free, online writing resource links database system available on the internet."

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Biotech News
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Vending Machines

Trouble at the ODP
Trouble at the ODP

Trouble at the ODP - By Jim Hedger - May 26, 2005


The submission backlog, incidentally, grew so rapidly that the ODP editors opened a discussion forum known as the Resource Zone specifically to address questions and concerns from webmasters. After operating for over a year, the collective of ODP editors that ran the Resource Zone elected to close down the most used service available on the forum, the Site Submission Zone.


For search engine marketers however, the question of relevance vs. effort comes into play. At one time, a listing at the Open Directory was mandatory in order to guarantee strong listings at Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Today, while still helpful, the strength of a Open Directory listing has been diluted by the search engines themselves. In an article titled, "...Time for The ODP to Close?", Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan suggests three ways the venerable DMOZ could reorganize and revitalize itself. Whatever it does, it should do it soon as the importance of the largest human edited directory of websites is decreasing as quickly as the backlog of submitted sites is increasing.

Trouble at ODP
Trouble at Open Directory Project
Trouble at DMOZ

Trouble at the ODP

Sunday, May 29, 2005
Arizona State University Entrepreneurs - ASU Entrepreneurs
Julia Rosen

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